Are Your Fund Safe ?

Smart Contract Audit

The LOOPStarter Project is setting the safety and security of our traders' funds as a priority. To this end, we plan to employ an independent and reputable, third-party smart contract auditing company to ensure the highest standard of execution and performance of our technological platform. Smart Contracts will also be tested on the testnet by our team, prior to public launch.

LOOPStarter Token security audit, conducted by the Vertichain Department during Feb 2022.


Report: TBA

According to the audit report, the contract of $LOOPS Token is absolutely safe.


The crypto and DeFi community deeply values the idea of a totally decentralized trading environment. This is completely understandable, as this environment has fostered deep innovation of personal finance and investments.

However, the LOOPStarter Project team understands that the crypto community does not exist in a vacuum. We are both an international and borderless trading community, and at the same time, we live in countries with laws that need to be observed to preserve lives outside of the virtual world.

Compliance with regulations in regards to KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti- Money Laundering), and CFT (Combating the Financing of Terrorism) are therefore core concepts to the mentality of the LOOPStarter Project.

We are committed to make sure that the LOOP ecosystem is a safe environment and that the platform is used only in a benign and well-intentioned manner. To this effect, we are prepared to work with international regulators to achieve full compliance based on their expectations and laws.

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