Let’s Get to Know LOOPStarter

LOOPStarter - Diversifying Decentralized Finances

The First

The first phase is contained within a LOOPStarter, which is a platform dedicated to incubating, promoting, and facilitating fundraising for new brand crypto projects. Due to LOOPStarter professional network and large community base, launchpads are able to offer infrastructure for high impact, high growth early project development and project launches. From the investors perspective, holding the launchpad’s LOOPS token grants access to projects before they hit the open market on decentralized exchanges. Through the platform, LOOPStarter community members get exclusive access to tokens at a floor price, set by the first public funding round.

The Second

The second phase of an IDO is marked by the token’s migration to a decentralized exchange, such as LOOP DEX on the BSC network or Uniswap on Ethereum. At this point, the token becomes publicly tradable and available to the entire retail market, who often scoop up the launched token as fast as possible, pumping the price sometimes to triple digit returns. For LOOPStarter participants, this is the most exciting part because it bears all the profitability that comes with buying in first.

Based on DAO

LOOPStarter is based on DAO, which means Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Understand in a simple way, LOOPStarter is a trading platform and launch pad managed by a community instead of a centralized one to a member or a small group of members. LOOPStarter is organized according to pre-programmed rules and regulations and can only be changed when the community votes on proposals through Blockchain technology to ensure transparency and safety.

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