Road to LOOPStarter Success ?

LOOPStarter will follow the below success path and stick to it even if faced with certain setbacks.

LOOPStarter has helped us in making crypto investing and fundraising accessible for everyone. We follow these roadmap for launching the LOOPStarter ecosystem. We may experience certain setbacks while developing the whole LOOPStarter ecosystem, but our team has a right attitude to stick to the course, no matter what!

Phase 1: Development

• LOOPS Token launch

• Audits

• Apply for Listings on Coinmarketcap Coingecko, DappRadar, BscScan.

• Exchange Testnet Launch on BSC

• Partnerships

• Seed and Private sale

• Liquidity mining on Testnet

Phase 2: Testnet

• Build DAO - Decentralized governance

• NFTs (optional)

• Build Multi-chain Token Bridge

• AMM Decentralized Exchange Testnet

• Add Special Pool and Farm on Testnet

• Add LOOPS-LP Farms on Testnet

• Launching IDO on BSC

• Airdrop Platform

• Public sale

Phase 3: Mainet

• Multi-chain Exchange on Testnet (ETH, Solana, Polygon,.. )

• Pools and Farm High Yield

• AMM Trading Mining (earn LOOPS)

• Referral System

• NFT Marketplace v1 (mint and staking)

• Deploy IDO on Multi-chain

• Deploy DAO and Voting

• Launching Public Auction Launchpad

Phase 4: LOOPStarter V2

• Deploy Exchange on Multi-chain

• Margin Trading • Fixed-Rate Swap

• Exchange UI/UX v2

• Limit orders

• NFT Marketplace v2

• Mega LOOPS token burn event

• Launching IDO v2

• Voting v2

• Mobile App Beta test

• Deploy layer 2 Ethereum bridge

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