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LOOPStarter.com - The first DAO supports multi-chain, cross-platform launchpad with a full DEX and deflation mechanism.


LOOPStarter is a platform used to launch crypto projects, introduce some new coins, and increase liquidity. This is one of the biggest things for this digital world, especially when it comes to decentralized finance. LOOPStarter was launched on a decentralized exchange - LOOPDEX using LOOPS tokens, which has become an exchange and a crowdfunding platform for all new projects.

For a blockchain-based approach, people from many backgrounds can contribute. LOOPStarter offers regular investors "many opportunities for launchpads that were made available to venture capitalists and some large-scale investors." If you've done all the research, LOOPStarter is one of the best projects you can join.

Decentralized launchpad

LOOPStarter is a blockchain innovation hub and a decentralized launchpad that is helping to power some of the upcoming innovations with the blockchain ecosystem. LOOPStarter comes with a DAO-powered seed-stage fund, and this is done using governance-driven community, partnerships, funding mechanisms, and feedback. The community votes the innovator or entrepreneur for the initial fund. After the vote has been received, their work can be submitted to LOOPStarter. LOOPStarter is a platform where you can buy seed funds, as well as some crypto start-ups have their projects through LOOP Launchpad, which are being promoted further.

Also, as the project LOOP Starter begins to achieve results, the implications of its success are likely to see an increase in the value of the LOOPS token, resulting in higher profits for some of the early contributors. The level of mutual benefit may also encourage you to participate in the IDO with LOOPStarter parties.

LOOPStarter is beyond just being an IDO Launchpad platform. It’s an integrated ecosystem that introduces an all-in-one solution to launch and manage decentralized finances. It supports all the major Multi-chain wallets along with our inline wallet management system. The portal will integrate a launchpad for decentralized fundraising for new projects needing liquidity at the start in a fair manner. Further, it will have LOOP DEX, token swapping, staking, vesting & other capabilities that we’ll cover later in depth.

But first, let’s get to know LOOPStarter.

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