LOOPStarter Launchpad - IDO Launchpad for Decentralized Fundraising

What is an ‘IDO’ and why is LOOPStarter using ‘IDOs’?

An IDO is an acronym for Initial DEX Offering. It means that the sale of newly launched tokens is done via a decentralized mechanism which ensures transparency and equal access opportunities. The IDO mechanism enables a myriad of benefits, such as previously mentioned transparency and equal access, but also programmability of the IDO conditions—such as maximum allocation per user, period time of the fundraising process, terms of IDO termination etc. That is why LOOPStarter is using the IDO mechanism to raise funds for cutting-edge projects. It ensures that both the users and the team performing the fundraising get the most benefits all the while using a much more efficient system.

Here are some of the promising features of the LOOPStarter platform, which sets it apart from the rest of the ecosystem players.

Multi-chain support

LOOPStarter supports BSC pools and will soon support Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot,.. pools after rigorous testing on the Fantom testnet, becoming the first-ever launchpad DAO support Multi-chain on Fantom.

Hand-picked and vetted projects

To protect investors’ interest, LOOPStarter carefully hand-pick the projects that go through a vetting process that considers everything from the project teams’ origin to legitimacy and execution capability. This vetting process helps build investor’s confidence, so they can know their money is secure.

Tier and Reputation

To further strengthen the platform, our bot system monitors every participant’s behavior and sets reputation points. This mechanism punishes behaviors that are considered negative to the token’s healthy pricing. The reputation score will affect the participant’s tier and their ability to participate in future launches.

Fairness (lane-based swap system)

With LOOPStarter lane-based swap system, every participant will get an opportunity to join based on their tier without indulging in a ‘gas war’ to ensure fair and efficient participation.

Public Auction

LOOPStarter will be the first, and only launch platform that works with DAOs supports multi-chain, and offers two forms of IDO sales in parallel. As we mentioned above, the first form of IDO sale has a level of fairness and guaranteed distribution for LOOPS token holders. The following form of IDO sale to be implemented will be an auction. LOOPStarter-Auction will be a fairness system launch where no investor is left behind. There is no required staking, launchpad token purchase, or lotto required to participate. Can’t be front run by bots. The sale model is sybil resistant. And bots don’t have advantage due to time-based sales. Project owners will have more choices in bringing their projects to investors.

Integrated vesting schedule

LOOPStarter is starting as a launchpad, and this is just the beginning. It will transform into a platform offering a full suite of DeFi services in the future. The smart contract is currently going through the audit process, and the team will soon provide an update once the audit is complete

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