Decentralized Finance Solutions from LOOPStarter

LOOPStarter is not just another platform but a whole ecosystem that helps diversify the decentralized finances of the crypto community.

Who will benefit from the platform?

Of course, a protocol built on BSC should only benefit the BSC community, right? Well, while it is true that the BSC community will have the most to gain, other ecosystems will also be able to participate. For example, Solana holders cannot currently allocate their capital to new and exciting projects being built on other chains, specifically BSC, but through a cross-chain bridge, they finally can. Because of a short-term constraint on the deployment on Multi-chain, we will initially launch the LOOPS token as a BEP-20 token in BSC. Additionally, with the launch of our Bridge and Multi-chain, we will be able to funnel Ethereum's (Solana, Polkadot, Polygon..) liquidity, benefitting users around the globe, and allowing Ethereum (Solana, Polkadot, Polygon..) users to get exposure on LOOPStarter projects in a seamless and trustless manner.

LOOPStarter ecosystem helps to launch and manage Decentralized Finances.

The platform looks to democratize cryptocurrencies investment & bring Multi-chain adoption to fruition. We plan to make crypto investment fair and open for everyone, along with its easy accessibility. The LOOPStarter ecosystem will have these solutions:

1. LOOPStarter - IDO Launchpad for Decentralized Fundraising.

2. LOOPStarter Public Auction.

3. LOOP DEX - DEX for Crypto Trading.

  • Token Swap

  • Token Staking

  • Token Vesting

4. DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization

5. LOOPS - Deflationary digital currency.

6. NFT - Marketplace NFT MARKETPLACE

7. Incubation Program

8. Public Auction

9. Voting

Here are some of the promising features of the LOOPStarter platform, which sets it apart from the rest of the ecosystem players.

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