Starting point

BSC is a fast, secure, and fair blockchain providing the open infrastructure for IDO projects like LOOPStarter that help bring the adoption of the LOOPStarter-MultiChain to fruition.

What is LOOPStarter motivation?

At LOOPStarter we are passionate about expanding the benefits of blockchain technology throughout the world. Blockchain’s applications for decentralized finance are changing value as we know it. But we have found that something is missing. Hundreds of blockchains, thousands of protocols, and millions of users still deserve robust and efficient DeFi infrastructure, especially for the rapidly growing BSC (Binance Smart Chain) ecosystem. That's where we come in.

Why BSC first ?

With several established blockchains, it’s a natural concern not knowing which one to choose when developing the next generation decentralized fundraising protocol. But we are confident to have found an elegant blend of these three factors in BSC. BSC is among the most promising blockchains, and is the only peer-reviewed layer-1 solution, built with flexibility in mind. BSC also has one of the largest, strongest, oldest and most intelligent communities (>10m users across its vivid social platforms). BSC provides a unique opportunity to develop the next boundless decentralized ecosystem. It is a synergistic relationship; the launchpad will leverage on the unique characteristics of BSC, providing the stepping stone for its unparalleled DApp ecosystem. LOOPStarter will enable projects to raise funds by providing many types of unique fundraising mechanisms.

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