LOOP Staking

LOOP Staking Programme is an essential part of the LOOPStarter DeFi ecosystem to hold and lock tokens.
LOOPStarter provides a user platform to stake tokens for the selected locking period. Users will be given exclusive benefits for holding and locking tokens in the staking contracts.
The total rewards offered by the platform is based on
  • The number of locked tokens
  • The period time for the token unlock
The rewards linearly go up and down depending on the period time remaining for token unlock.
Users are not granted permission to withdraw locked LOOPS tokens before they mature and expire. However, participants can extend their locking period and increase the staked LOOPS tokens amount.
They are eligible to receive the Airdrop from new crypto projects on the amount staked by the users. The users are also qualified for:
  • Fee distribution
  • Voting rights
  • Access to exclusive pools