Marketing Strategy

Overall Strategy

The goal of LOOPStarter is to create a flexible, interoperable, streamlined, and accessible platform that will be both useful to the seasoned investors and traders as well as have the capacity to bring in new investors and traders and interest to the blockchain space. The LOOPStarter goal is to foster the adoption of the blockchain technology, the Launchpad ecosystem, and partner Multi-chain ecosystems.

Intuitive Design

To this end, one of the major aspects of the LOOPStarter platform will be to create a streamlined and intuitive UI design which will draw in the new investors and traders and that will also give seasoned investors and traders a comfortable platform. This is in line with the LOOPStarter ecosystem ethos.

Mobile Application

Another major aspect of the LOOPStarter offering will be the creation of the mobile application for the platform. This is important because today’s investors and traders expect to be able to have comfortable access to the application via a variety of devices. It is also necessary to integrate additional essential features such as creating secure, reliable and easy-to-use Multi-chain wallets. This then will facilitate the acquisition of new investors and traders into the LOOPStarter Ecosystem.

Limited Edition NFT Collections

LOOPStarter plans to produce limited edition NFT collections which will be in line with the LOOPStarter culture and line of products. The NFT product line will help in the promotion of the DeFi and Launchpad product lines. It will help attract attention and generate a buzz for the LOOPStarter Launchpad ecosystem, and it will also help in fostering an interest in the DeFi and Launchpad product amongst new potential investors and people who are not as technically inclined as the general Launchpad and DeFi community.

Bug Bounty

The LOOPStarter Project team is going to reserve some of the $LOOPS tokens for a bug bounty which is meant to incentivize the LOOPStarter community to alert the LOOP team if part of the platform is not functioning in a highly efficient way.

B2B Partnerships

It is the intention of LOOPStarter Project to seek lucrative partnerships with businesses for mutual benefit and profit. These may include: NFT marketplaces to sell the LOOPStarter NFT products, exchanges(DEX and CEX) where the $LOOPS can be listed, partner yield platforms, etc.

Ambassador Program

Part of the $LOOPS may be used for the Ambassador program. Ambassadors will be block chain one LOOPStarter community leaders who will add to the richness of the LOOPStarter community via contributions of content, organizing social meet-ups, galvanizing the community, or creating marketing content.


Airdrops may be conducted as part of the marketing strategy by the LOOPStarter marketing team. We will notify the LOOPStarter community, along with terms and conditions, in regards to when and how the airdrops will be conducted.

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